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Jaël's Story    

My name is Jaël. I'm 7 years old. The main reason that I moved to KPN is because of a serious misfortune that happened to my big brother. It was a day that my mother had gone somewhere and she left a plate of food for me on the table. And when I was eating, my older brother Angelo asked me for a few spoons and I gave some to him, but my mother had already given him food. So, she whipped my big brother and then, she took his hand and laid it on lighter coals. My cousin took my brother to the hospital where he stayed many days because his hand was seriously burned. After that I stayed with my father. 

My father had a crippled concubine. She already had two sons and no great means. She sold water on her head to the market with a crutch. One day my father saw that his concubine was very sad because of us so he sent me to an aunt. My aunt told manmi Danny and David at KPN if they could help and one day I went to live with them. I felt a little upset myself but God rescued me. I thank Him very much.

Jaël & Bethchiani
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