Neighbors Near & Far

Roody & Woodmeyer
Roody and Widmayer are cousins. At the age of 7, they were both cleaning cars in the street and eating from garbage cans. 

Roody's mother died whan he was a baby and his father never recognized him as a son. Roody remembers that his father tried to kill him. He was taken in by his grandmother who was old and too poor to care for him.

Widmayer's mother abandoned him when he was too young to remember her and never returned. His father was unable to provide for him. Widmayer says "I have God, a home to stay in, food to eat, and I go to school."

Friends who knew about Kay Papa Nou took the boys to David and Danny who have cared for them for over 6 years. 

Some of the children were RESTAVEKS.